Urban Decay | Top 5 Vice Lipsticks for Fall

Where getting to the end of September already and we are definitely starting to reach out for our dark berry lipsticks. So from my 100 Vice Lipstick collection, I decided to pick these 5 as my top choices from Urban Decay. If you’re not sure what I mean by 100 lipsticks, well last month I… Continue reading Urban Decay | Top 5 Vice Lipsticks for Fall


Urban Decay | Vice Lipstick Vault

When Urban Decay released their new Vice Lipsticks collection, I didn’t expect all 100 to arrive on my doorstep. No your eyes aren’t deceiving you, that’s 100 lipsticks right there! So yeah all these shades in my possession! Crazy right?! But no I never bought these, I was lucky enough to win their twitter competition. I’m… Continue reading Urban Decay | Vice Lipstick Vault

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Skincare Lately With Emma | Guest Post

Fancy a change in your skincare routine? Emma has your skin covered! My last guest post so I hope you enjoy it. I seem to be obsessed with skincare at the moment and finding the right products for my hormonal, sensitive skin is high on my agenda right now. My skin is always really dehydrated… Continue reading Skincare Lately With Emma | Guest Post